What to plant- December

2nd Dec 2021

There is still time to plant out some annuals or potted colour to have the garden looking a picture for Christmas – try alyssum, impatiens lobelia, petunia, zinnia, salvia, verbena, marigolds, sunflowers and calibrachoa.

The Edible Garden
December is the month when things really get going in the vegetable garden and you will begin to enjoy the rewards of your abundant harvest. Planting can continue in most areas. Ensure a supply of plenty of water and fertiliser as growth will be rapid.

December is the start of the true hot summer heat and it is the perfect time to plant out different varieties of capsicums, zucchinis, corn, carrots and the attractive, drought hardy globe artichoke. You can also grow Brussel sprouts, kale, leek, broccoli, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, cauliflower, celery, cucumber, eggplant, lettuce, okra, spring onion, parsnip, pumpkin, radishes, swede, turnip and advanced tomatoes.

  • Raise mower blades and avoid scalping your lawn.
  • Prune spent flowers on your roses, rhododendron and camellia.
  • Roses will benefit from an application of rose food and result in a wonderful flower display and less disease.
  • Mulch sweetcorn and tomatoes and feed with Potash as fruit develop
  • Control leaf eating grubs on vegetable crops with Yates success or Tomato Dust.
  • Add Saturaid to pots and hanging baskets
  • Spray roses to control black spot and pick up fallen leaves around the base.
  • Spray aphids with Eco oil
  • Feed fuchsias and geranium with a potassium enriched fertiliser.
  • Spray apples, pears and hawthorns with Yates Success to control pear and cherry slug. If you don't want to spray, dust with lime or wood ash.
  • Harvest beans and other summer vegies regularly so they'll produce more crops.
  • Cut back and feed annual flowers.
  • Control passionfruit leaf hopper with Yates Mavrik insecticide.
  • Now is a good time to plant up pots and hanging baskets – there are so many choices available and your garden centre experts will help you to make the ideal selection
  • Shady spots are where much of summer days are enjoyed. Plant out now with shade-loving plants to have these areas full of colour and life for the months ahead.
  • Keep deadheading roses and water deeply to ensure a second flush of blooms.
  • Trim back any flowering shrubs that have now finished – this will encourage new growth over summer for next year’s flowers.
  • Remove lower leaves on tomato
  • Watch for rust on Raspberries, spray with a copper based spray and avoid overhead watering
  • Top up your gardens with mulch to have these looking great and help with water retention.