Get ready for summer colour

Get ready for summer colour

29th Nov 2023

Introducing our summer colour collection! Dive into the season with our exclusive Petunia 'Easy Colour six packs,' offering a hassle-free burst of vibrant hues for your garden. These value-packed sets bring instant charm at a great price compared to individual potted plants. While the Petunias come in convenient six packs, we also feature a variety of other stunning plants; each a unique addition to your summer landscape. Now is the perfect time to plant and bring your garden to life. 
In this blog, we're thrilled to unveil our top 6 picks for a festive splash of colour!


Petunias: Timeless Elegance

Petunias, with their classic red and white hues, bring a timeless elegance to your holiday decor. Their versatility allows them to thrive in various environments, be it in pots, garden beds, or elevated planters. The growth habit of petunias adds a dynamic touch to your spaces, making them a standout feature in gardens or as standalone potted plants. Whether adorning your outdoor landscape, the enduring charm of red and white petunias elevates the festive atmosphere with their blooming beauty.

Impatiens: Shaded Beauty

Embrace the charm of impatiens in shaded areas, where their vibrant colors, including pinks, reds, and whites, can transform overlooked spaces into lively corners. With their low-maintenance nature and adaptability, impatiens are perfect for enhancing shaded spots in both outdoor gardens and indoor spaces. These resilient blooms thrive in areas with limited sunlight, bringing a burst of color to areas that may have been previously overlooked. Whether nestled in garden beds, hanging baskets, or adorning indoor pots, impatiens offer a versatile and easy-to-care-for solution for brightening up shaded environments. Allow the cheerful hues of impatiens to create a vibrant oasis in the shadowed corners of your living spaces or garden, proving that beauty can flourish even in the subtle play of light.

Celosia: Velvet Luxury

Elevate your holiday festivities with our enchanting Celosia, available in mixed colors, and presented in delightful punnets that add an element of surprise to your Christmas palette. With their velvety texture and rich hues, each punnet promises a captivating assortment of Celosia blooms, creating a visual spectacle that enhances the spirit of the season. Whether you're planting them in garden beds or using them to adorn container gardens, the mixed colors ensure a diverse and vibrant display that adds depth and excitement to your outdoor spaces. Embrace the surprise element of our mixed-color Celosia punnets, making each purchase a festive adventure and turning your Christmas decor into a celebration of color and elegance.

Marigolds: Warmth and Tradition

Marigolds, with their vibrant hues ranging from sunny yellows and oranges to deep reds, add a burst of color to any garden. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these cheerful flowers play a crucial role in encouraging pollinators. The brightly colored petals act as beacons, attracting bees, butterflies, and other pollinating insects. Marigolds provide a valuable food source for these pollinators, supporting the health and biodiversity of the garden ecosystem. Their aromatic foliage also acts as a natural deterrent for certain pests, making marigolds not only a visual delight but also a practical addition to any garden seeking to thrive with vibrant color and a bustling community of pollinators.

Zinnia: Playful Radiance

Zinnias, with their playful and radiant blooms, contribute a whimsical beauty to your surroundings. The wide range of colors and daisy-like flowers make zinnias a delightful addition to balconies, patios, or window sills, creating a vibrant and dynamic outdoor display. These resilient flowers thrive in the summer sun, bringing a burst of energy to your garden. Zinnias are not only visually appealing but also attract pollinators, adding life and movement to your outdoor space. Easy to grow and maintain, these cheerful flowers are a perfect choice for anyone seeking a low-maintenance yet high-impact addition to their summer garden. Let the enchanting allure of zinnias transform your outdoor haven into a kaleidoscope of color and joy.

Calibrachoa: Cascading Grace

Elevate your outdoor decor with our exquisite Calibrachoa, perfect for hanging baskets. These cascading beauties bring an air of sophistication and a shower of color to your surroundings. Whether you prefer vibrant reds and oranges, soft pinks, or classic whites, our Calibrachoa collection offers a diverse palette to suit your taste. Planted in hanging baskets, these flowers spill gracefully over the edges, creating a captivating cascade that instantly enhances your outdoor spaces. Known for their prolific blooms and low-maintenance care, Calibrachoa is the ideal choice for those looking to effortlessly elevate their garden aesthetics. Make a statement this season by featuring our Calibrachoa in hanging baskets, transforming your space into a floral masterpiece that will be the envy of all admirers.

So this holiday season, invite a diverse array of blooms into your home and garden with red and white petunias, impatiens, celosia, marigolds, zinnia, and Calibrachoa. Explore how each blossom contributes to the seasonal vibrancy of your home and garden. 

This holiday season, let's make your space bloom with joy and color!

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