• 4th Jun 2021

    What to plant - June

    June is the month when deciduous plants shed their leaves and move into a dormant period in preparation for an explosion of growth and colour as the spring arrives. During this dormant time, we receiv…

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  • 31st May 2021

    The Harmony Market

    The Harmony market is a reoccurring event on the first Saturday of each month, with fun for the entire family. In the beautifully landscaped grounds of Tasmania's premier garden centre. This amaz…

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  • 30th Apr 2021

    May- What to plant

    In The Veggie Patch In our busy worlds that are filled with concrete, asphalt and screens, plants help us to reconnect with nature as we enjoy the delights of new growth, colour and ever changi…

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  • 1st Apr 2021

    April- What to plant

    Autumn is a fantastic time in Tasmania and April gardens are a delight as the beautiful display of foliage colour begins,a great time for selecting ornamental trees as they show their full Autumn gl…

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  • 5th Mar 2021

    March - What to plant

    Our new season's bulbs are now arriving. There are few other groups of plants so versatile or easy to cultivate than bulbs. There is an amazing selection available to select the colour, size or var…

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  • 16th Feb 2014

    February in the garden

    Summer is a vibrant time in the kitchen garden with an abundant harvest of all the warm season vegetables and herbs. The reality of the incredible fresh, healthy, flavour filled goodness of home gr…

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